T-Shirt Flower

The Life Flower represented on the T-shirt is a sacred universal symbol. Its high-powered energy brings protection, sweetness and harmony in those who carry it or look at it.
Its geometrical form is positive and will help you in your thoughts and your choices while preparing you for the changes.
It is symbol of peace and freedom.

The Life Flower is composed of several figures and each one symbolize a representation of the world: 7 outer circles correspond to the 7 days of creation of the world.
The central part represents the embryo’s form, the 13 circles in the shape of stars symbolize the atome/ the universe map, and the tree of life in the center of the symbol represents the common descent.
The Life Flower represents the universe in its entirety. This life symbol represents all the necessary elements "to build" the world. On this side this symbol became sacred in several cultures.