Alien Stuff

Alien Stuff offers T-shirts with striking symbols !!!

Alien Stuff's graphic creations are mainly based on sacred geometry and crop circles.
Yes, you are!!! You necessarily know the geometric formations that appear most often in wheat fields by we do not know what miracle ... Energy, extraterrestrial or improvised artistic creations, let's let our imaginations run wild as to the mysterious origin of these symbols...

In any case, these recurring motifs have really existed since the dawn of time.
They are present within the oldest civilizations and at the heart of the very foundations of mathematics, DNA diagrams, ancient traditions etc.
These symbols have simply carried deep and powerful messages for millions of years...

No matter how hard you believe in these symbols, one of them will inevitably affect your interest.
Each T-shirt and its symbol is a different awareness. What will be yours?

Alien Stuff T-Shirts will allow you to communicate about your personality on a daily basis, share a strong message, convey positive energies or simply wear a cool and design T-shirt.

Our ultra-comfortable T-shirts are 100% cotton and particularly durable (185g/m2). They have undergone washing tests and the pigment print allows the symbol to have an exemplary lifespan.

So don't hesitate, bring out the Alien in you !!!

If you are a professional you can find our collection on the website of the clothing wholesaler AVM Import