Alien Stuff

Alien Stuff offers you T-shirts with hard-hitting symbols!!!

The Alien Stuff graphic creations come mainly from sacred geometry and crop circles.
You know…. the geometrical symbols which appear in wheatfields and we never know how …
From Energy, aliens or improvised artistic creations…Be free to imagine the mysterious origin of these symbols …

These recurring symbols have existed since the dawn of time.
They were present within the oldest civilizations and at the birth of mathematics, DNA,  the oldest traditions etc. …
These symbols are carriers of deep and powerful messages and have been present for millions of years.

Whatever the degree of your faith in these symbols, one of them will hopefully touch your sensibility.
Every T-shirt and its symbol are connected to a different awareness. What will be yours?

Alien Stuff T-shirts will allow you, everyday, to communicate with your personality, to share a strong message, to convey positive energies or simply to wear a cool T-shirt.

Our comfortable T-shirts are 100% cotton and particularly resistants (185g/m²). A lot of washing tests  have been tried  and the pigment print seems perfect to offer a long life to the T-shirt and its symbol.

Don’t hesitate any more, highlight the Alien inside you!!! ;-)